Virtual Energy Manager

VEM is a comprehensive energy monitoring and management solution for your business. Tactical Energy Group monitors your energy data and and helps you implement a cost saving continuous improvement program. VEM makes energy management simple, there are two goals: 1) Use less energy  2) Pay less for the energy you do use.

Energy Management is Simple.

VEM is an energy monitoring system that enables Tactical Energy Group to serve as your energy management team. Simply install our power meters and get connected to our server. Our first order of business is producing a return on your investment by helping you save real dollars. VEM is an alternative to the growing number of expensive energy saving products on the market. Our energy management protocols are a better way to reduce costs (and even carbon) than many of today’s product-based solutions.

Design, Implementation, and Management by the TEG Team
Jon Burke

Jon Burke

Principal, TEG

Daniel Burke

Development Manager, TEG

Matt Burke

IT Systems Engineer, TEG

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Niagara is a powerful open-source technology with over 1,000,000 instances globally. Smart enough to fly a space shuttle, safe enough to manage surgical suites, and reliable enough to automate the largest manufacturing facilities in the world, you can rest assured that VEM, powered by Niagara is robust and trustworthy.

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Conserv is a system integrator serving the Midwest region since 1998. Conserv provides hardware and software solutions that optimize operational technology (OT) systems within facilities and integrate these systems into an Information Technology (IT) architecture to provide long-term data acquisition and analysis.

Conserv automation systems serve multiple vertical markets. They are installed at the largest hospital network in the state of Indiana, managing critical surgery suites, optimizing central plant energy consumption, and documenting captured data for healthcare regulatory compliance. Conserv automation systems also provide environmental control for two of the largest automotive manufacturers in the Midwest, helping them achieve their energy reduction goals and improving the manufacturing environment.

From the edge to the cloud, Conserv has the technical expertise to bring facilities and systems into a holistic monitoring environment, where data analytics can identify inefficiencies and recommend changes to technology, processes, and subsystems.

How Does VEM Work?

VEM technology is designed by TEG, engineered in partnership with Conserv, and powered by the Niagara framework; there’s nothing like it on the market. We have spent more than a decade studying commercial and industrial business operations in Midwestern utility markets.  As a result we have developed powerful tools to drive down energy costs and eliminate wasteful consumption. VEM delivers those tools to you.

VEM is a system of technologies and best practices that makes enterprise level energy management available to any business. To start, we consult with you and study your usage data. We then design custom dashboards for each of your facilities. When you log in to your dashboards, you will notice they are different than any other energy monitoring suite; they only include actionable data. Energy management is simplified into two goals, with two key metrics. VEM will turn you and your employees into highly effective energy management professionals and will bring TEG in-house to guide the process.

How Do I Get VEM For My Business?

Review. Quote. Purchase. Train. Save.

  1. We’ll start by reviewing your utility bills.
  2. TEG will quote your system + subscription cost.
  3. Purchase + install your system.
  4. Train with TEG, set your goals, launch your program.
  5. Monthly reports + quarterly training from TEG.
Every VEM deployment and energy management program is customized to the unique needs and goals of each client.

The VEM system is perfect for existing facilities and adds value to new construction.

When designing VEM, we wanted to use the most powerful technology on the market, so we chose the Niagara framework. Our goal was to choose a platform capable of delivering VEM, that was also robust enough to solve some of the key issues our clients face when optimizing their business operations. Niagara is the gold standard in data aggregation and is used to build the most sophisticated building automation systems in the world. When you get VEM, you also get Niagara.

So what does this mean? When you get VEM you can also take advantage of the Niagara framework to unite various monitoring systems into one central command center! Did you know that most new buildings have various controls systems and monitoring features within their design? Sometimes they are central, but often they are separate systems for HVAC or lighting. They come with different interfaces and they don’t communicate with each other. Often they go unused because they are too difficult to coordinate. Sometimes building owners don’t even know they are there. What a waste!

VEM, powered by Niagara, works in existing facilities, enhances new construction, and can be used to integrate various controls and monitoring systems into a central command center. These systems can seamlessly interface with your energy management strategy. While you don’t have to use all of these features, you can see that VEM is a flexible, multi-functional, value-packed solution.


VEM System Cost

Because VEM consists of metering and network hardware and a subscription service, there is a onetime hardware cost and an ongoing subscription cost. After reviewing your utility bills and the facilities you would like to monitor, we will provide a quote for the hardware and software for the scope of your deployment. Your VEM subscription cost is based on the amount of energy we will be helping you manage each year.

TEG VEM - Highly Customized

VEM provides a highly customized energy management service for your business.

VEM subscription includes:

  • TEG will work with you to design a continuous improvement program for your business.
  • TEG will customize your dashboards to meet your needs and feature your company branding.
  • Access your VEM account from any internet connected device.
  • View your dashboards, data, analytics, and CI metrics anytime, with a username and password.
  • Your energy data will flow through proprietary analytics and visualizations, leaving you with easy to understand, actionable information.
  • Make the most of your investment with in-person project development and strategy sessions with TEG. This project kick-off and training phase will help ensure great performance and returns.
  • Monthly energy management reports with improvement and cost savings metrics, emailed directly to your inbox.
  • Quarterly consultations with TEG. We will dissect your data, review your performance, and hone strategies to give you the continuous improvement edge.
  • Full-time monitoring. TEG will be there to help.