Your Business Deserves A Coherent Utility Strategy.

If you want to save money on utilities, reduce your carbon footprint, and/or prepare your facilities to operate profitably as the energy market changes, you need a utility strategy. No more A la Carte energy projects.

Start With A Strategy,
Not A Product.

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What does TEG do?

TEG helps Commercial, Industrial, and consumers save on utilities, reduce their carbon footprint, and improve preparedness for the negative effects utility decarbonization will have on utility costs and grid stability, and power supply gaps associated with the decarbonization of Michiana’s energy supply chain. We design and implement holistic utility strategies in three cost/commitment categories: no cost, low cost, and long-term strategic solutions.

What utilities does TEG work with?

Electric, gas, & water.

How is TEG different from a utility bill auditor?

A utility bill auditor simply harvests the low-hanging fruit, we care about the whole tree. TEG provides an industry-leading utility bill audit and produces cost-free utility savings simply as an introduction to our service. Our audit and the savings it can produce are where our job starts, not ends. TEG then visits your facilities to understand how our business operates and combines the data from our audit with a real-world understanding of your operations to build a robust, enterprise level utility strategy for your business. We work with you to set cost and carbon goals and develop custom strategies for achieving them. We provide a best practices framework for making sense of and selecting, implementing, and integrating the right energy saving options. Our strategies minimize expenditure, maximize ROI, and hold 3rd parties accountable for providing honest proformas, and working for your benefit above their own. The true difference is that TEG becomes your partner and advocate. We only work with business we can truly partner with.

What do I have to buy?

Nothing. TEG is a utility strategist. We don’t sell products; we design and implement strategies that save you money. In fact, we often recommend companies don’t make investments that they may be considering if we can identify a more cost-effective, strategic approach for achieving the same goal.

How much does it cost?

Nothing, our service is no net-cost. Only if we design and implement a strategy that produces measurable, and verifiable savings for your business do we receive any compensation. TEG is compensated by a portion of measured and verified savings for 12 months, and only after savings have been realized. If we are unable to produce a cost saving strategy, TEG receives no compensation at all.

How much can I save?

Savings vary for every business. Our partners save an average of 15% of their overall utility budget. In some cases, savings have exceeded 50%. In some cases, 5%.

How can I be sure we are actually saving?

TEG uses an industry-leading, third-party verifiable Measurement & Verification process. This means that our savings reports can be submitted to your utility provider(s) at any time. Our third-party M&V confirmation rate is 100%. Our contract ensures we cannot charge until we have provided verification of savings and those savings are already in your bank account.

Do I have to switch utility providers?

No. TEG is a Supply-Side expert with a precise understanding of the rules and regulations of Michiana’s major utility providers. Our strategies are tailored to your business and your utility provider to drive costs down without switching providers.

Does TEG sell utilities?

No. TEG is not a utility provider or a broker.

Does TEG sell LED’s or solar panels?

No. TEG Starts with a strategy, not a product. Expensive energy saving products are flooding the market and consumers can’t keep up. We design utility strategies that leverage market forces and yield greater savings than today's most popular product-driven approaches. We use knowledge and strategy to reduce energy costs. TEG creates dramatic, lasting reductions in energy costs by bridging the knowledge-gap between consumers and utility providers.

TEG doesn’t sell products? What about VEM?

VEM is not for every business. In TEG’s Tier 2 and Tier 3 strategies, VEM may present as a useful force multiplier. In this case, VEM is often one of the smallest investments a company can make to leverage outsized returns. If access to real-time energy data, controls elements, and offsite energy management by TEG presents sufficient value in cost and carbon reduction, TEG may recommend a VEM system. In this case, VEM is a useful tool for management of complex utility strategies.

Does TEG work nation-wide?

No. We believe whole-heartedly that putting boots-on-the-ground in each of our client’s facilities, having a deep understanding of local and regional utility markets, and having well tested tactics specific to those markets and the businesses within them is THE ONLY WAY to serve clients. TEG has spent more than a decade studying, and decoding Michiana's utility market with the aim of helping Commercial & Industrial businesses thrive. TEG has a robust toolbox of 35+ proprietary analytical processes and cost reduction measures for businesses within this market for driving energy costs down, reducing consumption, and safeguarding facilities against dangerous market forces. TEG takes great pride in being Michiana’s preeminent supplier of Commercial & Industrial utility strategies