More Powerful & Less Expensive Than Hiring an Energy Manager!

Jun 1, 2022 | Cost Reduction

Energy Towers

The average salary of an Energy Management Professional is $109,895/YR + benefits. At a large factory in Indiana, VEM hardware and installation costs roughly $50,000 but it’s poised to produce savings of up to $250,000 every year. In addition, this strategy is also poised to reduce the client’s overall carbon footprint by 15%.

If instead this manufacturer were to hire an on-site Energy Manager with an average salary of $109,895, then over 5 years they would spend $549,475. + benefits. The energy and carbon savings would likely not be quantified, data would likely not be captured, and reliable reporting would likely not materialize.

If this manufacturer uses VEM for 5 years, saving $250,000/YR then with hardware, installation, and subscription fees… They will spend roughly $120K, save $1.25M, and VEM will give them the power to continuously improve through robust data collection, reporting, and round-the-clock monitoring and guidance from TEG.

The VEM system is designed by TEG in partnership with Conserv and is powered by the Niagara Framework. Niagra is a powerful open-source technology with over 1,000,000 deployments globally. Smart enough to fly a space shuttle, safe enough to manage surgical suites, and reliable enough to automate the largest manufacturing facilities in the world, you can rest assured that VEM, powered by Niagra is robust and trustworthy. Don’t be fooled by national energy savings brands that just want to capture the low-hanging fruit, or sell you a product, but aren’t interested in partnering with you to build a future-proof utility strategy for your business. TEG is focused on improving the profitability and durability of Michiana’s Commercial & Industrial base by providing best practices & continuous improvement in energy.

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