Tier 2

In Tier 1, TEG identifies the operational and market dynamics that influence your costs. We then implement cost reduction measures that save you money without any capital investment.

In Tier 2, we build on that base by providing a menu of low-cost investments that will leverage out-sized cost reductions, unique to each one of your facilities.

What Does Utility Strategy Look Like?

Within a Utility strategy for your company, TEG will identify strategic investments that can be implemented to save you money. We know that there are many energy and cost-saving products on the market, but our strategies leverage knowledge of the market and knowledge of your business to guide you to make the right investments in the right areas. Tier 1 not only equips us with actionable knowledge, it also produces cost-free savings which can help to fund any investments you choose to make in Tier 2.

TEG’s Virtual Energy Manager

Our Virtual Energy Manager (VEM) is consistently one of the smallest investments a business can make to produce the best cost-saving returns. VEM is a comprehensive energy monitoring and management solution for your business. VEM not only gives you eyes on your energy usage but it also allows TEG to provide top-notch energy management as a service. VEM allows for continuous improvement in energy and gives you the power to set and meet strategic goals.

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When Do I See Results?

Tier 2 strategies return your investment within 18 months, but often far sooner. Tier 2 strategies optimize energy costs and produce dramatic savings for years to come. While savings vary for every business, our clients save an average of 15% on annual utility costs.

What Does Tier 2 Cost?

TEG’s service is always no net cost, and our clients are never obligated to pursue any strategies that involve capital investment. In a Tier 2 Strategy, TEG works with you to select the lowest cost options that provide the best returns to meet your financial needs and energy goals.

In Tier 2, Tactical Energy Group receives no compensation unless savings are produced. Our strategies are always no net cost.