Stop Wasting Money.

You’re probably paying too much for energy. We have the solution! A TEG utility strategy can save your business 15% on energy costs. Don’t fall for the “spend to save” trap. Start with a strategy, not a product.

Secure Your Future.

Join the Grid Ready Movement.

Low Carbon Emissions.

Many businesses want to reduce their carbon footprint. But they want to do it in a way that supports the bottom line. TEG utility strategies provide innovative and cost-effective methods for reducing carbon emissions. Don’t just throw a Million dollar solar system on your factory or sign up for an expensive lighting upgrade.

For the best returns, start with a strategy, not a product! Want to do your part in aiding utility decarbonization? Want to quantify your contributions? Want to improve your bottom line? Want to tell a compelling story about your industry-leading, carbon footprint reducing, green innovations? Get TEG on your team.

Grid Ready Facilities.

Energy security is now a corporate concern.

Michiana’s commercial & industrial community can avoid the fate of Texas and California businesses by getting Grid Ready. As Michiana’s Utilities remove carbon fuels from the energy supply, businesses will face challenging new market dynamics. TEG’s Grid Ready certification is designed to protect your business as decarbonization changes the market. Grid Ready certifies exceptional preparedness, but the benefits of Grid Ready go well beyond preparation by significantly cutting utility costs and energy waste in the process.

Grid Ready does two important things for your business: Positions your business as a partner with utility providers in large-scale decarbonization. Protects your business from the negative effects of decarbonization on energy costs and grid stability. Make sure your business wears the badge, Low Cost, Low Carbon, Grid Ready.

Grid Ready is the Gold Standard.

The energy world is changing fast. Businesses need to prepare. Uncoordinated energy savings efforts are not enterprise-level solutions. Some solar here, a few LED’s there, an out-of-state utility auditing firm, a few carbon credits, and throw in some tax incentives. Energy-saving product options and concepts have outpaced consumer understanding and are, at best, uncoordinated. Best practices are nowhere to be found.

TEG uses a proprietary best practices framework to create effective enterprise-level utility strategies. Our Grid Ready program is the gold standard.

Businesses deserve best practices for selecting, organizing, and implementing energy efficiency and cost-saving efforts.

  • Leverage the supply-side to save money without spending money.
  • Use a best practices framework to uncover high-impact, low-cost solutions.
  • Deploy TEG’s powerful Virtual Energy Manager (VEM).
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by identifying and eliminating wasteful energy consumption.
  • Implement technologies and practices that support grid stability and protect your operations.
  • Initiate a CI program to drive down costs and consumption.
  • Get certified and your company will wear the badge, Low Cost, Low Carbon, Grid Ready.

Hoosier Molded Products - Manufacturer

“Tactical Energy Group helped us implement a series of powerful cost saving strategies. We didn’t need to buy any equipment or switch providers. If you use a lot of energy and you’re looking to cut costs, you need to work with Tactical Energy Group.”

-Brian Johnson, CEO

American Metal Fab. - Metal Fabricator

“I was shocked to learn how much control we have over our utility costs. Tactical Energy Group is like the customer service department the utility company should have but doesn’t. Their team is diligent and detailed. There were no interruptions to our process and there was truly no net-cost for the project. Bottom line, we’re saving a lot of money. I would highly recommend working with Tactical Energy Group.”

-Kelly Crowell, President

GDC, INC  - Plastics Manufacturer

“Tactical Energy Group has been great to work with! They follow an effective process of identifying savings opportunities, suggesting corrective actions, and implementing those actions. Follow-up training with selected groups keeps problems from resurfacing in the future.”

-Lonnie Abney, COO

The Village of Three Oaks, MI

“We were pleased with your service and your thoroughness, the spreadsheets you supplied showing the depth of your research, and ultimately the cost savings! Thank you!”

-Cindi Moynihan, Village Clerk; Village of Three Oaks

VIEWRAIL – Manufacturer

“With new facilities under construction and a new piece of equipment almost every week, our company is experiencing rapid growth. We simply did not have the manpower or the expertise to take a detailed look at our utility costs. Thanks to Tactical Energy Group, we now have a clear understanding of how to keep our energy costs low as our operation continues to grow and change. They offer a valuable and unique service. I believe any business can benefit from working with Tactical Energy Group."

-Brett Harbaugh, CFO

LOGAN Community Resources - Nonprofit

“Tactical Energy Group approached us about reducing our utility costs and asked for no money upfront. Their work has resulted in significant savings for LOGAN. Their no net cost approach makes it easy and painless for their customers to enjoy financial savings and save energy and natural resources at the same time. We have been very happy with Tactical Energy Group and recommend them to any organization wanting to save money.”

-Doug Kroll, Vice President, CFO


Boys and Girls Clubs of Benton Harbor - Nonprofit

"I was skeptical Tactical Energy Group could actually reduce utility costs. Nevertheless, Tactical Energy Group recommended options that immediately reduced utility costs 18%. Those savings continue every month as documented in easy-to-understand reports. I recommend Tactical Energy Group to any business looking for ways to reduce utility costs.”

-Brian Saxton, CEO

Proudly Supporting Our Customers.

Your Business Deserves A Coherent Utility Strategy.

If you want to save money on utilities, reduce your carbon footprint, and/or prepare your facilities to operate profitably as the energy market changes, you need a utility strategy. No more a la carte energy projects. 


Start With A Strategy,
Not A Product.

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