Tier 3

Tier 3 is for businesses planning to make significant investments in energy infrastructure. The purpose of this service is to create a strategic plan to make the most your investments.

Generators, battery storage, solar installations, and other investments of this scale should not be made without a strategic plan. Tier 3 ensures you consider little-known, but very important market dynamics as you plan your projects.

Tier 3 also presents opportunities for new construction. The energy market is changing rapidly and industry standards for new construction are out of date. Making different choices in the design phase can save you huge amounts of energy and money over the life of your building.


What Does Utility Strategy Look Like?

In Tier 3, TEG leaves no stone unturned. Businesses are being inundated with exciting, but costly energy-saving options. Solar systems, LED upgrades, HVAC systems, construction of new facilities, Etc…Tier 3 takes on the largest, most popular energy-saving options and provides you with best practices for vetting, selecting, and implementing them. Tier 3 minimizes expenditure and maximizes returns.


TEG’s Virtual Energy Manager

If you are pursuing a Tier 3 Strategy, our Virtual Energy Manager (VEM) is highly recommended. VEM is consistently one of the smallest investments a business can make to produce the best cost-saving returns. VEM is a comprehensive energy monitoring and management solution for your business. VEM not only gives you eyes on your energy usage but it also allows TEG to provide top-notch energy management as a service. If you are making large infrastructural investments or building new buildings, VEM is the total visibility and energy management package to help you make the most of your investments.

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When Do I See Results?

Tier 3 is focused on maximizing returns on large energy investments.  For example, Tier 3 strategies were used to improved ROI on one solar installation by 75%. On another solar project, the client was quoted $680,000 and TEG developed an alternate option with a price tag of just $180,000!

What Does Tier 3 Cost?

Tier 3 strategies represent unique and varied projects. Due to the complexity of these projects, TEG may charge a retainer. In this event, the sum of the retainer will be deducted from TEG’s total compensation upon project completion and Measurement & Verification of savings performance.