Grid Ready

Energy security is now a corporate concern.

Just this year one of Indiana’s major Utilities filed for a 30% rate increase to fund renewable energy projects. And in 2022, that same Utility experienced a 50% reduction in reliability of service to its commercial customers. Power outages resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in lost production. TEG’s Grid Ready certification is designed to protect your business as the energy market changes.

Protect your bottom line

Prepare your operations


We have all heard that renewable energy is cheaper than ever before, but that’s only half true. While the cost of solar panels and wind mills has gone down, the cost to manage and deliver the power they produce is much higher than with conventional fuels. The huge cost of the renewable transition is being passed on to you through riders on your bills and base rate increases.

To get your business certified, intsall our Virtual Energy Manager (VEM) and work with us to initiate a continuous improvement program. Together we will eliminate energy waste, reduce energy costs, and create a plan for operational resiliency in the new energy market.
Low Cost

TEG will audit all of your utility accounts and develop cost-saving measures in 3 categories: no cost, low cost, and long-term strategic solutions. TEG will implement all no-cost measures and will work with you to implement any low-cost or long-term strategic solutions that make sense for your business. Through this process, your business will achieve its Lowest Practical Rates.

Low Carbon
Cutting carbon and reducing costs can go hand-in-hand when done intelligently. With the help of the VEM system, TEG will identify and help to eliminate wasteful energy usage in your facilities and quantify the savings as both cost and carbon.
Grid Ready

Create a strategic plan to protect your business from power outages, critical-peak and dynamic pricing, and whatever else your utility provider might throw at you as they try to replace reliable base-load power with renewable energy sources.

Virtual Energy Manager (VEM)
Every business needs to keep their eyes on the energy. Using our powerful VEM system, TEG will design and manage a continuous improvement program for managing energy costs and ensuring profitable operations through booms, busts, and market changes.

When Do I See Results?

Grid Ready is all about real improvements and results. Getting certified can involve all three tiers, but it doesn’t always. Every business will have a different roadmap to certification based on their unique situation. In the Grid Ready process, TEG’s aim is to help you cut energy costs and waste as much as you can, as quickly as possible, with the smallest investment. Commit to getting Grid Ready and you will see results.

What Does Grid Ready Cost?

Getting Grid Ready with TEG’s best practices framework will cost you less than taking the piecemeal approach to energy improvement that’s common today. While every business will have a different roadmap to certification based on its unique situation, we will design a process that can be partially or entirely self-funding. No-cost and low-cost items are strategically chosen to create savings and funding for any larger investments that may be involved in earning your Grid Ready certification. Grid Ready pays for itself over time.

It’s time to be proactive.

6 Reasons to Get Certified

  • The energy supply chain is undergoing rapid decarbonization.
  • Utilities are raising rates to fund this transition.
  • Electric service reliability is plummeting.
  • Our electricity costs are now well above the national average.
  • To run your business effectively you need reliable power and stable, low energy costs.
  • The future of profitable operations in Michiana requires a proactive strategy.

Promote your efforts.

With TEG’s Grid Ready Certification, you will benefit from Low Cost Utilities, Low Carbon Emissions, and Grid Ready Facilities, and you will also receive a badge to display on your website, products, and additional areas. TEG will provide you with PR content to  help explain your certification to customers, investors, community, and more. Your specific PR content will also come with statistics relative to your business such as:


  • Cost Savings
  • Carbon Reductions
  • Grid Support Capabilities
  • Continuous Improvement Metrics