Relationship Problems Could Be Costing You a Lot of Money

Apr 28, 2022 | Cost Reduction

Relationship Problems

That’s right, your utility provider is your most important vendor. All relationships require work. Maybe it’s time for some counseling.

1. A Relationship Problem With Your Most Important Vendor

Communication is key to any relationship. In business, communication between buyers and vendors is key to getting the best deal. Would you be shocked to learn that your business has a relationship problem with its most important vendor that may be costing you money every month? Beyond knowing that you use energy, your utility providers know nothing about your business. And beyond knowing that your utility provider supplies your energy and send you bills every month, you might not know a thing about how they function, what their needs are or even what goes into pricing the energy you pay for every month. That’s right, your utility providers are your most important vendors, ‘til death do you part, and the relationship has been taken for granted. When this happens in any relationship, both parties end up with a bad deal.

2. Save Money by Getting to Know Each Other

Don’t worry though, you aren’t alone in this. Most businesses have not been given the opportunity to get to know their most important vendors. This is because utility providers can be hard to get to know. It isn’t your fault, but if you’re anything like other businesses in Michiana, it is probably leading to serious over-expenditure every single month. With money on the line, now is the best time to work on those relationships. You can get to know your utility providers, help them get to know you and save a ton of money in the process.

3. Save Time With Tactical Energy Group

Tactical Energy Group has spent the past 10 years getting to know Michiana’s major utility providers and can quickly and easily help you get significant discounts on electricity and natural gas by helping you get to know them too. You see, by helping your utility providers understand your business and your needs with clarity, Tactical Energy Group will help them save a lot of money and they will pass the savings on to you. Better relationships and better communication equal better deals for both parties.

4. 15% Average Annual Cost Reductions

By promoting better working relationships between utility providers and the businesses they serve, Tactical Energy Group helps Michiana area businesses save an average of 15% on their annual energy costs. This isn’t a one-time discount either, our clients see these cost reductions on their actual utility bills month after month, year after year. It is absolutely worth it.

5. Set up a Free Analysis With One of Tactical Energy Group’s Licensed Clinical Utility Experts

GET in touch with TEG. Set up a free analysis to see how much you can save by working on those relationships. And don’t worry. If for any reason, Tactical Energy Group can’t help you save, you don’t owe us a dime, so get started today. Contact us to set up your analysis.

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