Energy Strategy Made Simple

Jul 26, 2022 | Best Practices, Utilities

Energy Strategy Made Simple

Today’s Challenges

If energy savings seemed simpler, your business would probably be pursuing them more confidently. But the energy world is a complicated place and the idea of designing an energy strategy to capture savings and reduce consumption is daunting. Adding to that feeling is the speed that green technologies and energy efficient products hit the market as “must haves”. And muddying the waters further are unfamiliar financing mechanisms and ever-changing local, state, and federal policies.

Today, the energy saving world is moving at a pace that commercial consumers can’t keep up with. Business leaders just don’t feel they have enough information to make wise decisions about energy. And amid supply chain problems, inflation, and soaring material costs, they certainly don’t have the bandwidth. So, it is the absence of best practices and clear information combined with a challenging business environment that stands between many businesses and the benefits of an energy strategy, namely reduced costs and risk. And honestly, reading about the sophisticated energy strategies and lobbying practices of Whirlpool, GM, and Facebook doesn’t really do anything to bridge the gap for the vast majority of commercial manufacturers and other types of businesses.

Your Company Needs an Energy Strategy ( This Harvard Business Review Article makes some great points about the need for Energy Strategy, but its focus on massive industrial businesses and their Hundred-Million-dollar energy strategies, provides less-than-actionable advice for commercial manufacturers in the Midwest. I spend all day every day emersed in the world of energy and utilities; this article certainly speaks to me. But I don’t believe it speaks to businesses looking to do the best they can with energy but need practical, realistic advice and short paybacks to make projects feasible. That’s who this article is for.

Your Business Can Have a Good Strategy

So, let’s focus on your business. What if you could cut your energy consumption by 30%, no problem? Or if you could cut your energy costs by 15% without any investment? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a whole team of energy professionals dedicated to building an energy strategy for your business? All of this is possible.

What if there were clear best practices for deciding what energy improvements to pursue while minimizing project costs and maximizing cost-saving returns? Or if you could unite all of your operations in different states and countries with robust data collection and precision reporting, and you could simply set and meet strategic goals? What if it were easy to educate your employees and foster a spirit of competition for energy efficiency throughout your organization? Let’s say you didn’t have to learn about advanced financing mechanisms for emerging Eco-friendly technologies, and instead you could simply design a project that funds itself? Well, you can.


Energy Strategy Made Simple


Best Practices

Tactical Energy Group is Michiana’s utility strategist. We develop utility strategies for businesses with a best practices framework built from first principals thinking. Our strategies systematically cut energy costs, improve returns, and prepare businesses to operate profitably as decarbonization changes the market. We do not pitch products or push cookie-cutter efficiency programs. Instead, we study your operations and develop a roadmap to energy efficiency, cost savings, and carbon reduction that matches your operational and financial needs.

Simply interested in saving money? Our Tier 1 strategies uncover opportunities to cut your energy costs with no capital investment.

Interested in energy savings with short paybacks? Our Tier 2 strategies identify low-cost investments uniquely suited to create energy savings in your facilities.

Ready to go all in with a coherent company-wide energy strategy? Tier 3 develops no-cost, low-cost, and long-term strategic solutions for you your whole organization. Our Virtual Energy Manager provides robust energy data collection and allows TEG to guide your company through unique cost and carbon cutting protocols. VEM can unite an unlimited number of facilities in different locations to provide centralized monitoring and oversight. The Virtual Energy Manager ensures you are never alone by connecting TEG to the heartbeat of your operations, allowing for the powerful infusion of our tactics into your business operations. With VEM, Tactical Energy Group becomes your round-the-clock, real-time energy management team.

When you work with Tactical Energy Group, energy savings becomes simple. You run your business and conquer the challenges of today while we develop and manage a highly effective utility strategy for your business. Before you design an energy project, talk to TEG.


Energy Strategy vs Utility Strategy

  • A quick note on the term Utility Strategy: We use the term Utility instead of Energy for one reason… it is more accurate. Utility not only refers to the energy resource, but it refers also to its origin, the utility provider. Our strategies are so effective because they differ from the industry standard by considering first, above all else, the relationship between the utility provider and the customer, the relationship between the supply side and the demand side of the energy market. A Utility Strategy starts by asking questions like “Where does the energy come from?” and “What rules and regulations influence my cost outcomes?” and “How do changes in my consumption influence my energy pricing?”. An Energy Strategy starts with initiatives and products that rely on assumptions. For example, an Energy Strategy might aim to improve energy efficiency in a series of buildings. An Energy Strategy might dictate that LED lights are the product required for meeting that goal. And the assumption would be that reduced consumption equals reduced cost… But that may or may not actually be true.

Start With A Strategy,
Not A Product.

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