Energy Efficiency & Carbon Reduction: The Truth About Industry Standards

Jul 18, 2022 | Best Practices, Cost Reduction, Solar, Utilities

Energy efficiency, renewable technology, carbon reduction! Do the industry standards guiding your energy investments hold up to scrutiny?

From procurement to market, supply side to demand side, top tier manufacturers know the ins and outs of their markets… with one exception: the energy market.

Today, corporate responsibility and sustainability go hand in hand. From eliminating VOC’s and landfill waste, to reducing energy intensity and carbon emissions, businesses are going all in. For energy solutions, many rely on vendors to provide guidance in the unfamiliar energy world. But this is not a good solution. Do not assume that energy improvement vendors are guided by a meticulous industry standard; they are not. Similarly, do not rely on utility providers to be your guide or advocate; that is not their function. You will not get the best results.

In your business, procurement officers work diligently on the supply side to ensure the steel you source meets exacting specifications. They also ensure your plastic pellets have a just right molecular composition. But the energy industry standard is to ignore the supply side and to sell you a product at any cost. In the energy market, the supply side is not about materials and technology, its about the energy supply chain and the dynamics that govern it.

The right selection and implementation of energy improvements can only happen if there is a meticulous understanding of the supply side of the energy market. Not the energy market in general, the specific, local, actual energy market where your facilities consume power. This means a different approach for every business and every facility. That’s why we say “Start With A Strategy, Not A Product”. Before you make a big investment, talk to Tactical Energy Group.

TEG's best practices framework uses first principals thinking to design self funding energy improvement projects

Do you want to do the best you possibly can on energy efficiency, cost, and carbon? Then you cannot use today’s product-first, demand side only industry standard. As you pursue carbon and cost reduction and seek to improve energy efficiency, there are best practices to guide you; but they are not widely understood or readily available. TEG provides a best practices framework for designing energy improvement projects. Did you know that following best practices can lead to a self funding project? Did you know it could improve ROI on your largest investments 50% or more?

TEG can help you design an energy efficiency project that cuts costs and carbon and funds itself. And you won’t pay us a dollar unless we actually make a difference. Before you make a big investment, before you sign off on engineering, before you do anything, get in touch with us.

Start With A Strategy,
Not A Product.

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